Hey! you have stumbled upon Random Funny Bone, a site dedicated to make your bored, measly day into something to laugh about. We have stupid and time wasting videos to watch, and comics to make you laugh your pants and or kilts off. Not really. But they might make you snort, chuckle, or at least roll your eyes and say "Well that was a big waste of my time." Which it probably was. Oh well. Thats what the internet is there for. Unless you use it for school or work. But those don't count. School and/or work does not exist here. Seriously. Gosh. 

   Go visit our Genre section to see our most of our videos.  Also check out the newest addition to the RFB video family, Stabbing Jello. It is mildly violent, but don't worry, it's all sound effects. Or is it? No Jello was harmed in the making of this film... I think. Hey guess what else! Porche and Cami are going to make a new video called I Has a Waffle on my HeadSo that's coming soon! And so is Sweeney Todd! So keep your eyes open!

    Or, if moving pictures still boggle your mind, go to Kana's Komics! (please ignore the horrible pun)  Dive into The LOL-Ifying Adventures of Kana and Reza or The Pessimistic Ninja!

      Thats all for now. Laugh on!

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