Cast Bios

This is where information on the cast will go. Here, you'll learn what we're like, what we're interested in, and what exactly goes on behind the scenes. Ask us questions by emailing us at State your name, and the person who the question is for. (No real names please!!! Remember to keep your personal info to yourself only on the internet!) We will hopefully answer your questions.


Greetings yo.  I am Kana, and I pretty much run the show around here. I update the site, I do the comics, and I can run, jump, and kick the fastest and highest and like nobody's business.

I love to draw, obviously,  and I hope to one day work in 2D or Stopmotion animation. Farwell.


 Hey, what's up! As you can probably see from the videos, I'm a totally random person. Just check out Invader Zim to see how crazy all of us are! I've written lots of these videos, and like everybody else, I LOVE Broadway. I'm also a big art person. I've been to Italy and it was the best time of my life. I play the guitar and totally rock (not really, I fail). My spoon is too big!! <3 I am in the Highlight Zone, Stabbing Jello and Stacy's Living Room!


I am Firefish. I am mainly an actress and the occasional personal organizer for Lazer. Although I love doing RFB and film acting, my true passion is stage acting. Thanks to my amazing voice teacher/mentor/mother figure, I am on my way to making musical theatre my professional career. I look forward to living in New York in an expensive, tiny apartment with my cat and no life but being constantly rejected by casting directors...but ya know. It will all be worth while.

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